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The Gadfly – Flies devised for Sea Trout

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:46:31 PM

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Snakes, Rattle and Roll – migratory fish

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:45:53 PM

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My monochrome friend – The Silver Guinea

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:45:11 PM

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Kiss your flies, Fishing & fly tying

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:44:23 PM

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“Fusion Pheasant” Old Styles, new favourites with a modern twist?

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:43:38 PM

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Brown Turkey Fly, Brown. but no turkey !

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:42:42 PM

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Big Gunns – Looking for the Silver Bullet Fly

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:41:47 PM

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Flies made with passion – to use with pride!

Posted: 10/1/2015 8:40:19 PM

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